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Best Flat Bar Electric Road Bikes

flat bar electric road bike being ridden

For some riders having the benefits of road bike speed combined with flat handlebars is a match made in heaven! I know quite a few people who just don't get along with drop bars. Thankfully flat bar ...

10 of the Best Electric Gravel Bikes

best electric gravel bikes

Back in the day, if you wanted a road bike that could handle rougher terrain you would simply find an old steel rigid-framed mountain bike, fit a set of drop handlebars to it and maybe some mixed ...

Best Electric Bikes for Touring

cycling on an empty road

Up until a few years ago, the idea of using an electric bike for touring was not seen as practical due to limited battery range and weight. Thankfully e-bike technology has evolved , and now ...

Best Women’s Electric Bikes under £1000

best women's electric bikes

The list below contains some of the best women's electric bikes currently available for under £1000, from reputable outlets including Halfords and Decathlon. If you're new to e-bikes and would like ...

Best Electric Bikes for under £1000

Best Electric Bikes for under £1000

Electric Bikes are becoming an increasingly common sight in towns and cities across the country, and they are becoming more affordable. This is great news for the first-time buyer, as there is more ...

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