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Decathlon Stilus V2 Electric Mountain Bike

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It looks like the popular Decathlon e-MTB is going to be making a return – the new 2021 Decathlon Stilus V2 Electric Mountain Bike benefits from a higher capacity Bosch 625Wh powertube battery and SRAM SX 1 x 12 drivetrain. This new model has the latest Bosch CX Performance Line motor with 85Nm of torque and the most recent 2021 firmware upgrade.

decathlon stylus electric mountain bike being ridden off road

With a spec list worthy of a bike a £1000 more expensive, like the latest 4th gen Bosch Performance Line CX motor, and full SRAM Eagle SX 1 x 12 groupset including hydraulic brakes and a dropper seatpost.

Read my full Decathlon Stilus review HERE




Aluminium frame with 150 mm of travel.


Rockshox 35 front suspension with 150mm of travel.
Hydraulic suspension is both sensitive to small impacts (absorbs the slightest bump at low speeds), and handles bigger shocks well (absorbs large obstacles at high speeds).
Front suspension lockout.


Rockshox Deluxe
The fully-adjustable DebonAir™ spring provides the same even feel as a coil spring throughout the travel.


SRAM SX drive train, 1×12 single chainwheel, for lighter weight, more precision, faster gear changing, and greater durability.
Cassette: SRAM EAGLE in 11/50 (11-13-15-17-19-22-25-28-32-36-42-50). The 50-tooth sprocket guarantees good gear reduction to help you climb the steepest slopes.
Special One-Click lever for electrical-assistance bikes


The new Performance Line CX motor is optimised for athletic, powerful, and dynamic routes. The motor unit is compact and lightweight to fit easily into the frame of the bike, and you’ll be won over by its behaviour when pedalling naturally thanks to the freewheel. With up to 340% of perfectly designed assistance and 85Nm of torque, this bike will take you to the top of any slope.

8.9Expert Score
The best value Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike
Decathlon have done it again with the new Stilus Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike. For the price, the specification is excellent - the latest Bosch CX motor, 500Wh integrated battery, full SRAM Eagle SX 1 x 12 groupset and even a dropper seat post! Nothing comes close to this at this price, and I would say if you are looking for a full suss e-MTB for under £3000 - look no further!
Value for Money
Battery Range
  • Still reasonable value for money
  • Bosch Performance Line CX Motor (latest firmware 85Nm)
  • 625Wh battery
  • SRAM Eagle SX 1 x 12 groupset
  • Dropper Seat Post
  • Not quite the bargain it used to be

Specification: Decathlon Stilus V2 Electric Mountain Bike







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  1. Besteverhelmet

    At this kind of price I was originally looking at a hardtail Electric mountain bike because after owning my last bike, a Whyte, I had got used to the impressive geometry and needed a quality ride. I came across the Stilus on the Decathalon website by accident. Initially, I was sceptical about buying from Decathalon as this is the first full suspension electric mountain bike they have offered and I know that in less recent years their bikes have been mainly budget bikes. I think there were only four or five reviews on the Decathalon website about this bike so I looked at the reviews of the Rockrider hardtails on the Decathlon site and watched numerous YouTube videos and saw the decent reviews they were getting. I had to completely scour the Internet for anything to do with the Stilus.

    I started searching the Internet for bikes that looked like it and came across the “Lombardo sempione R: 27.5 pro 2020”, these bikes are virtually identical. Apart from the paint job every single thing about the bikes is exactly the same, so I think possibly the same people that made them, made the Decathalon bike. Because I can speak a little bit of Italian, I started reading the reviews of the Italian bike and was really impressed. The Decathalon bike was at least £1000 less than anything else with specifications close to it.
    Then I noticed that they gave a 365 day return policy and thought, “what the heck”.

    I am so glad that I made the decision to buy the bike as this is probably the best bike I’ve ever owned. Granted, I’ve only owned reasonably expensive hardtails in the past because full suspension bikes have been out of my budget but I think this thing is a monster.
    Since Boris Johnson included electric bikes in the cycle to work scheme I was able to get something a little bit more expensive than just £1000. It isn’t particularly suitable for me to ride to work but it will do it.

    I can honestly say that I have attempted things on this bike that I would never have been able to do on a normal mountain bike, writing up steps, massive hill climbs and technical stuff that, at 50 years old, I should not be attempting at all. The bike feels a little shorter than my last back but it is actually quite a bit longer and handles very well, the 150 mm front and rear suspension comes in very very handy.
    The first day I got the bike after I had set it up, which seemed to take forever probably because I was chomping at the bit to get out, I travel 15 miles on my own and came back and honestly could have travelled another 15. I went out with my 25-year-old son-in-law the next day and he could not keep up, I was like a man possessed. The build of the bike is great, the paint finishing and extra little detailing is very well appreciated, I did not expect it to be just as good as it was. I would like to ride it side-by-side with a £5000 bike and just see what it felt like on mine and on that just to give me some idea of where the extra money goes? Initially, I thought the bike was quite heavy to move around port even in eco-mode it was like two people were peddling, the Bosch motor is absolutely fantastic. I let my wife have a go and clicked it onto turbo and she had to get off because she said it was too fast for her. I think the power comes in and goes fairly fluidly and in certain modes it doesn’t really feel like an electric bike just that you are very very skilled and powerful but when you put your foot down you’ve certainly got enough power reserve to do anything on this thinggI let my wife have a go and clicked it onto turbo and she had to get off because she said it was too fast for her. I think the power comes in and goes fairly fluidly and in certain modes it doesn’t really feel like an electric bike just that you are very very skilled and powerful but when you put your foot down you’ve certainly got enough power reserve to do anything on this thing.
    After my first 15 mile ride (all of it on turbo -mode) I looked at the battery and the five bars on the display hadn’t even moved, the next day when I went out and did a 10 mile ride I just lost one bar. I don’t think I will ever flatten this battery on a single trip.
    To anyone that is thinking of buying this bike in the future, because I know they are out of stock at the moment, grab one as soon as you can. This bike has injected a whole new level of enthusiasm as I was an avid mountain biker before, I am now completely hooked. I even begged my wife to let me out for a quick half an hour on our wedding anniversary.

    + PROS: *looks *detailing *lovely paint finish *Powerful braking system *Great suspension *quality dropper post *Brand-new Bosch CX motor *range of battery *Price *Price *Price
    - CONS: * I’ve actually thought long and hard about this and can’t think of any
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    • Tony Tompkins

      Thank you for sharing your review, much appreciated.


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  2. Wayne Clark

    Bought one yesterday and absolutely brilliant was going to buy a specialized levo at 5400 so glad I bought this one thx to Joe at decathlon coventry most helpful best value e bike out there

    + PROS: Price for the components and overall value
    - CONS: None as yet
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    Decathlon Stilus V2 Electric Mountain Bike
    Decathlon Stilus V2 Electric Mountain Bike


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